Mrs. Parsley- ART



I am a lifelong resident of Greene County, and attended Eastern School from kindergarten through graduation in 1993.  Jackie, my husband of 22 years, and I live in Solsberry and our daughter, Moli, also attends Eastern Greene Middle School.

I have been a volunteer at the school for the past several years.  Last year I officially signed on as a substitute, and spent a lot of time in the art room, as well as classrooms all throughout the school. 

I am excited to be here, and have so much fun creating art, and smiles, with my students.

Check out my new "teacher" Facebook profile, where I enjoy sharing a bit about myself, as well as the exciting things happening Eastern Greene schools and our community.

The Eastern Greene's Artroom Facebook page is where I post updates about the projects that we are working on in art.  The students love having their pictures taken and showing off their work!  Follow along to see what your children are doing in art this week  The kids love talking about they are making.  Also, feel free to tag each other, comment or ask questions for me.  

Thank you for letting me have the privilege of sharing the day with your child!