Our Music Program
What to expect from

All Eastern Greene students in kindergarten through fifth grade, under the care of a licensed music teacher, have the opportunity to learn age-appropriate music skills through singing, dancing, playing, and listening. The music curriculum follows the state and national standards for music education. The music curriculum is coordinated with the academic curriculum as well as the art curriculum when possible.

All students in grades K-5 take part in at least one public performance during the school year: Kindergarten at graduation, 1st at our Christmas Carol Concert, 2nd in a Pajama Party Concert, 3rd grade at the annual Folk Festival, and 4th and 5th grade in a spring mini-musical.

Mrs. Drummond teaches all of the grades mentioned above.

Beyond the fifth grade, Eastern Greene offers musical opportunities in band, orchestra, and choir. Students may choose from band, choir, or orchestra in the sixth grade.

Ms. Bernstein teaches the 6th grade band.
Mr. Drummond teaches the 6th grade orchestra. 
We currently do not have a 6th grade choir. Choir begins in 7th grade.