Circle the State With Song
Circle the State With Song

Circle the State with Song is a statewide choir festival for grades 4-6. Students are chosen to participate based on their readiness, and their ability and confidence in singing.

The festival this year (2016) will be held at Jasper Middle School on March 5th. Departure and concert times will be posted soon.

IMPORTANT: We will take a bus TO the festival, but we will not have a bus for a return trip. Parents/Guardians must attend the concert and take their children home following.


Monday, Jan 11th
Monday, January 18th 
Monday, January 25th
Monday, February 8th         
Monday, February 22nd
Monday, February 29th

Rehearsal Recordings

The festival organizers have put practice recordings online for us to use for at home practice. Below is the website on which you will find these rehearsal recordings. We are NOT to download these audio files, but we may listen to them on line as many times as we'd to rehearsal recordings: 
password: 2016csws

Other Information

Students in Circle the State with Song will represent our school. If a student's behavior is such that s/he may not represent Eastern Greene in the best possible light, s/he will not be permitted to attend the festival. No refunds will be given if a student is removed for his/her behavior.

Photos from Past Festivals 

2016 click here
2015 click here
2014 click here
2013 click here
2012 click here
2011 click here
2006 click here

We've attended for several years prior to this, but the photos have been lost. If you are an Eastern Greene alumni and have photos from other years of Circle the State with Song, please send them to Mrs. Drummond and she'll get them up here to share!