Counselor's Corner

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Welcome to Eastern Greene Elementary Counselor's Corner page.

Please feel free to browse through the information on our counseling program.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me:

Dawn Sullivan

812.825.5623 ext. 1002

Our mission is to provide services and support to students and their families, as well as support for staff and community members, for the greatest level of academic, social, and emotional success.

Click here to access the Life Skills that we will be focusing on each month.

Links for Kids:

PBS: IT'S MY LIFE GAMES~ Great for grades 2nd-5th

STOP BULLYING NOW!~ Lots of great information on bullying and how to put an end to it!


OnGuard: Heads Up - Stop, Think, ClickA Helpful Site for Internet Safety
OnGuard: Social Networking SitesA Helpful Website for Protecting Your Children On Social Networking Sites


Teacher Resources:

Conflict Resolution


Teasing -Grades 3 and up

Practicing Patience

Kindness Acrostic Poems

Social Skills

Morals and Manners


Be an Upstander and Say Something!


Respect and Responsibility

Friendship Letters

More Bucket Filling

Having Courage


Motivating Reluctant Learners #1

Motivating Reluctant Learners #2

              Books I have to Check Out:

Thanks for the Feedback- by Julia Cook (Accepting criticism and compliments...the right way.)

Bully B.E.A.N.S. by Julia Cook

I am a Booger...Treat me with Respect by Julia Cook (Teaching children about germs and being sanitary.)

Cell Phoney by Julia Cook

Making Friends is an Art! by Julia Cook

​I Just Want to Do It My Way​ by Julia Cook (Staying on task and learning how to ask for help.)

Hygiene...You Stink​ By Julia Cook

​The Anti-Test Anxiety Society​ by Julia Cook

​The Kid Trapper by Julia Cook

​My Mouth is a Volcano​ by Julia Cook (Teaching children how to manage their thoughts and words without interrupting.)

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine​ by Julia Cook (Anxiety, worry, apprehension, fear.)

Ricky Sticky Fingers by Julia Cook (Stealing)

It's HARD to be a Verb by Julia Cook (Dealing with ADD and ADHD.)

​Smarter than Scoopers by Julia Cook (Keeping Children safe from predators.)

​Blueloon​ by Julia Cook (Depression)

Straight from the Horse's Mouth by Julia Cook (Dealing with things that bug us.)

Don't be Afraid to Drop by Julia Cook (Deals with change, taking risks and giving back.)

But It's Just a Gameby Julia Cook (Video game addiction)

​Peer Pressure Gauge​ by Julia Cook

​Personal Space Camp​ by Julia Cook 

​How to be Comfortable in Your Own Feathersby Julia Cook (Self-Esteem)

Tease Monster by Julia Cook

I Just Don't Like the Sound of NO! by Julia Cook

The Worst Day of My Life EVER! by Julia Cook

Soda Pop Head by Julia Cook (Anger Issues)

Cliques Just Don't Make Cents by Julia Cook

Sorry! by Trudy Ludwig (Bullying-does an apology count if you don't mean it?)

Just Kidding by Trudy Ludwig (Bullying)

Trouble Talk by Trudy Ludwig (Bad Friendships)