Counselor's Corner

~~~~~~~~Mission Statement~~~~~~~~

Eastern Greene High School Guidance Department believes in the worth and dignity of each student.  We are sensitive to the diverse needs of our students and encourage a climate of mutual respect.  We believe in the capacity for students to reach their potential and we work to foster an environment for student success.

Our mission as school counselors is to help students in their academic, career, and personal growth.  During the school day, we are available to work with students in these areas to help them realize their potential for success.  We are here to be student advocates and to facilitate communication between students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

  ~~~~~~~~~Important Updates~~~~~~~~~

Schedule changes must be completed no later than Friday, August 9, 2019. No requests will be accepted after that date.  Parent signature/approval is required.

College Reps wishing to schedule a visit at EGHS may now request visiting time slots through RepVisits at

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Ms. Kayla Willey, School Counselor
Mrs. Marianne Inman, Registrar