Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I enroll if I am a new student?

Prospective students should call the guidance office, 825-5621, ext. 2152 to make an appointment to enroll.  The custodial guardian must accompany the student, and the following documents are required:  birth certificate, proof of residency (utility bill, or insurance bill with residence clearly printed), immunization records, former school records or transcript, testing scores, guardianship papers (if applicable).

2.  What is the procedure for withdrawing from Eastern Greene Schools?

The student and the custodial guardian must make an appointment with the student's counselor and fill out a withdrawal form if transferring to another school, and if dropping out of school additionally attend an exit interiew with an administrator.

3.  How can a student receive a copy of his/her transcript?

Current students, or former students may request a copy of their transcript from their counselor or from the guidance secretary.  Current students through alumni that graduated 2006 or more recent can go to and request a transcript (electronic send service).

4.  How can I access Harmony to see student records?

Parents need to call the guidance office at 825-5621, ext. 2152 and give the guidance secretary their email address.  Then the parent will be emailed the instructions, user id and password for their child's records.  If there is no email address, the office can still provide user id and password.

5.  How can I receive group emails that the school sends out with announcements, etc?

You can call the main office or guidance office and give them your email address.

6.  How do students get a work permit?

Students may speak to our guidance secretary for instructions, at 825-5621, ext. 2152.  An Intent to Employ form is picked up from our office and taken to the employer.  (This form can also be found on the website Indiana Dept. of Child Labor) Upon it's completion, and parental signature, the guidance secretary will complete the work permit form.  If the student has a work permit from a previous employer, a termination notice must be received by the guidance secretary before another work permit may be issued.  It is the responsibility of the employer and the student to get this turned in.

7.  When will report cards be issued?

Report cards will go home Thursday, Oct. 20 for the end of the 1st 9 weeks.  Report cards will go home Friday, January 6 for the end of the 2nd 9 weeks and end of 1st semester.  Report cards will go home Wednesday, March 22nd for end of the 3rd 9 weeks.  Final report cards for end of 2nd semester and 4th 9 weeks will be emailed home, and only mailed if requested (those should be finalized by 2-3 weeks after last school day). 

8.  How can I receive texts and email notifications from harmony regarding attendance, grades, and discipline?

Login to Harmony.  Click on My Notification Profile.  Follow instructions to set up with your desired updates.