3rd Grade Folk Festival
Folk Festival
Third Grade

a concert of
Folk Songs & Folk Dances
from America
and around the globe!
Third Grade
March 7th, 7:00

The students will be performing two sets of folk songs and dances, therefore they will have a costume change during the program. Below are listed the basic “costume” they should arrive wearing. Any additional parts of the costume will be provided here at school.


WHITE solid shirt, no words or pictures

 If s/he doesn’t have a plain shirt, s/he can wear a white shirt with printing inside-out.

  Black or Khaki pants/skirt if possible.  Nice blue jeans will be okay if needed.
 Shoes:   Cowboy boots, cowboy hats would be a fine addition, but are not necessary.

* If bringing cowboy boots and/or cowboy hats, they will only be worn for
   the second half of the concert. Please wear other shoes for the first half!


Students need to arrive by 6:40 and meet in the hallway outside their classroom.  After dropping off your child, please proceed to the gym-atorium to find a seat.

(Please do not bring your child too early. Teachers & chaperones are not arriving until 6:30.)

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