Yearbook Picture Guidelines

*The picture must be emailed to Mrs. Bartlett ( or bring in memory card/flash

*The picture must be in color--we must see your eyes!.

*The picture should be a head and shoulder shot (for photographer--measurement should be approx. 1 and 1/8 inch from top of head to bottom of chin).

*Since this is to be a head and shoulder shot, NO EXTRAS in pictures will be allowed--(pets, cars, trucks, or other objects), background should be appropriate and not a distraction.

*The picture is to have NO special effect such as halo or soft touch.  

*School dress code applies (no hats, neckline issues, spaghetti straps, etc.)

*ABSOLUTE DEADLINE--December 9, 2016

You are a part of this school's history.  We want you to be represented, so please meet the deadline.