College GO Week

Indiana recognizes the last full week of September as CollegeGO Week where students are encouraged to consider college as an option and learn about the potential value of obtaining post-secondary degrees to meet their future goals. 

This year, CollegeGO Week will be celebrated from Sept. 24 - 28, 2018. We will have a variety of college-themed activities throughout the week! In the spirit of friendly competition, there will be daily activities available outside of the Guidance Office (in the hallway, red folder) for students to complete for points. Top point earners are the end of the week will be raffled for prizes on Friday!

How to earn points:
   Complete daily CollegeGO activity of the day (1 point)
   Complete a 529 Scholarship application/essay and turn in to the Guidance Office (5 points)
   SENIORS - share a photo of college acceptance letters or completed applications (1 point) 
   GRADES 9-11 -  share photo of you "building your college resume" through   
   community service activities, sports, club participation, etc. (1 point)

CollegeGO Week will also run concurrent with our Senior Week for fall athletics so there are dress up days as well!

Monday - 
   College Application Day for senior English with Vandeventer.
   College Knowledge Crossword puzzle available
   529 Scholarship applications available
   Volleyball Senior Night!! Come celebrate our senior girls as they take on BNL @ 6PM
   Pajama dress up day

Tuesday - 
   Careers A-Z activity available
   Twin dress up day

Wednesday - 
   College Application Day for all seniors!
     *Ivy Tech will be present and available to assist with ANY college applications
   College Mascot Trivia activity available
   Neon dress up day

Thursday - 
   Map the Colleges activity available
   Meme dress up day

Friday - 
   Fall Sports Senior Night!! Come out and celebrate our seniors. Game time @ 7PM
   Last chance to turn in 529 Scholarship applications!!
   Scavenger Hunt activity available
   Frat dress up day