EGHS Usage Policies
Welcome to the Library! 

  1. Checking out books—When you are ready for checkout, you will sign the name card in ink.  A library worker will enter your name in the computer, scan your book, and stamp a due date reminder in your book.  The checkout period is two weeks.
  1. Please have your book back to the library on or before your due date.  There is no need for anyone to have an overdue book because we will renew a book as many times as you need (unless someone places a hold on that book).  You can renew by stopping in the library or sending an email request to Mrs. Vandeventer. If you don’t get the book back on time, a fine of $.10 per day will be assessed.  If you have an overdue book, you cannot check out any more materials.
  1. Fines can accumulate from one year to the next.  If your fines are $5.00 or over, you will only be allowed to check out materials from the donated section of the library.  Remember that you can eliminate fines by working off your debt.  Working for a WIN period will earn $1.00, while working for a full class period earns $3.00.
  1. If you still have a book checked out from past years, you should have received multiple notices explaining how to rectify the situation.  Basically, you must bring in the book or pay for it.  If this does not happen, you will not be allowed to check out more materials, and your book will be turned in as a lost textbook.
  1. The computers by the windows are for student use.  Teachers also check out this lab for classroom use, and they will get priority.  Remaining machines will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  1. Reference materials are available.  Ask for any help that you need in completing an assignment.  If you come to the library for help with a research project, please bring your assignment sheet from your teacher.
  1. The newest magazines are in the magazine rack, and the archived magazines are given to teachers for their use.  If you see a magazine you want, let Mrs. Vandeventer know.  She will let you have it as soon as new issues arrive.