High School Supply List

High School Supply List


In general, all students should be prepared with a supply of the basics:


Black/Blue ink pens

Loose lined paper

Folders, or some organizational method.

Teachers from English, Math, and Science have provided pertinent supplies/tools for students to obtain for their classrooms.  (Other classes will let students know the supplies they need, during the first week of class.)  It is not necessary to have these for the first day of school, however, for those families doing their school shopping, we offer this information:



English 9:  pocket folders (2), index cards, highlighters (green, blue, yellow)
                     and post-its.

English 10:  Dark blue or black pens, pencils, tab dividers (5 is plenty!),
     1 pack paper (college ruled), 1 box tissues.  Helpful but not
                     required:  sticky notes and highlighters.
                     Donations of colored pencils & glue sticks gladly accepted.

English 11:  dark blue or black pens, 1 notebook, 200 sheets college ruled paper

English 12:  Blue & black ink pens, pencils & extra erasers, Lined paper,
      Highlighters (yellow, blue, pink), 3 ring binder



Geometry A (Martindale)TI 30 calculator (scientific calculator)

Geometry B(Buskirk): TI 30 XIIS or TI 30 XS calculator, 11/2" 3 ring

Algebra  2B (Martindale):   TI 30 calculator (scientific calculator)

College Algebra:  one 21/2"  3 ring biinder and
                                                                        TI 30 calculator.

Algebra 2A(Shields):  1 1/2"   3 ring binder, TI 30 Calculator & a notebook.

Algebra 1A (Miller):  TI 30 XIIS or TI 30 XS calculator and one 11/2"  3 ring
                                     binder and 1 box of tissues.
                                   (Recommended - zippered 3 hole pencil pouch to keep
                                     pencils and calculator in)

Algebra 1B (Shields):  one 1 ½” 3 ring binder

Precalculus (Tarr):  TI-84 plus calculator

Math 10 (Miller)TI 30 XIIS or TI 30 XS calculator, one 11/2" binder.
                             (Recommended - zippered 3 hole pencil pouch to keep
                               pencils and calculator in)

Algebra 2A (Tarr):  one 1 1/2" binder



Biology:  1 ½” 3 ring binder (not required, but highly recommended for organization)

Integrated Chem/Phys:  scientific calculator

Physics:  scientific calculator

Chemistry I & II (ACP):  Notebook, folder, scientific calculator, 1 box of Kleenex

Anatomy and Physiology:  Notebook, folder, 24 pack of colored pencils, 1 container of Clorox wipes