Mrs. Martindale


Mrs. Martindale

Algebra 2A, Geometry A, College Algebra/Trig

Welcome to my page!  My name is Mrs. Martindale.  This will be my sixth year at Eastern Greene High School, and I could not be more excited to be here!  This will be my fourteenth year teaching everything from Pre-Algebra to Pre-Calculus and German.  I graduated from Indiana State University with a major in Mathematics Education and a minor in German Education.  I absolutely love teaching Math.  Call me crazy, but it is a passion I truly enjoy.  I have tutored Math since I was in high school, and I quickly realized students are able to "get it" when I explained it to them.  I love helping people understand mathematics concepts and seeing the light bulb go off.  I often say I did not invent Math; I am just here to help you through it.  So, even if Math is not your favorite subject (gasp!), I understand.  Just give me a chance, ask questions, come prepared, and you WILL be successful.  

My goal is to help you be as successful as possible in my class.  The only way that can happen is if we all work together and ask questions.  Algebra II and Geometry can be very difficult subjects for many students (even those who have never struggled in a Math class before), so it is imperative for you to get comfortable asking questions of myself and peers as soon as possible.  

If there is anything you feel I can do for you to help you in any way, please let me know (in class, in the hall, e-mail, etc.).  I am here FOR YOU.  I WANT to help you!  :)  In order for me to help you, you must meet me halfway and at least let me know what you need.

My e-mail address is:  

Please feel free to e-mail with anything you feel I may need to know.  If you do not hear back from me within 48 hours, please try again or call in case it went to spam.  Also, harmony is a very helpful resource if you have questions.

I look forward to this school year, and I am genuinely excited to meet you.

For ALL classes, I record every lesson and post them to YouTube on my channel for you.  If you are ever absent, this is your first point of interest-watch the video, take the notes, and see me with any questions you may have.  Even if you were in class, I like to record the lesson for you to be able to refer back to if it was a bit fast-paced for you or even to help you study when you get to finals, etc.  Please understand I still want to help you in-person; this is simply another tool at your disposal. :)  I highly suggest subscribing to my YouTube channel here:

*Present and Former students:  Mr. Abramov and I have created some Math review videos to help refresh your memory on important concepts.  Feel free to look those up on YouTube under Eastern Greene Mathematics Channel if you need a quick review of factor, FOIL, etc.  Please see me if you need help!