How I became a ... Writing project 

 *  Introduction - Introduce yourself as if you are an adult (In the future).  Tell what you do and how it is going for you.  Tell what your story will be about.  This is called a topic sentence.

*  Tell about an event from your childhood that encouraged you to choose the profession you are in. Details, Details, Details.

*  Tell about what classes you had to take in high school to prepare yourself for post-secondary training.  You can ask your parents for help on this.

*  Tell what post-secondary training would be required to prepare you for your field of work.

*  Tell of a memorable experience after beginning your job.  Of course this will be fiction, so creativity is a must.

* Does your profession require ongoing training to keep your job?

* How long do you think you will have to work?  Will you be able to retire at 50, 55, 60, or never.

* Are you glad that you chose the profession you were in?  Why or why not?