School Bus Driver Requirements


  • Obtain an Indiana CDL

-         You will have to take 4 written tests at the local BMV which include: general knowledge, passenger transport, air brake and school bus.

**  This allows you to receive your CDLpermit  **

  • Pass a DOT physical examThis exam can be obtained by your family doctor.  Forms can be picked up at the Transportation Office or at your doctor’s office.  This will be required prior to receiving your CDL license.  Once exam is complete a copy will need to be on file at the Transportation Office and a copy submitted to the State.  This exam will be valid for 2 yrs.

Onceyou pass the required knowledge tests, you can take the CDL skills tests.  There are three (3) types of general skillsthat will be tested:  pre-tripinspection, basic vehicle control, and on-road driving.  You must take these tests in the school bus.

- Pre-trip Inspection:  You will be tested to see if you know whetheryour bus is safe to drive.  You will beasked to do a pre-trip inspection of your bus and explain to the examiner whatyou would inspect and why.

- Basic Vehicle Control:  You will be tested on your skill to controlthe bus.  You will be asked to move yourbus forward, backward, and turn it within a defined area.  These areas may be marked with traffic lanes,cones, barriers, or something similar. The examiner will tell you how each control test is to be done.

On-road Test:  You will be tested on your skill to safelydrive your bus in a variety of traffic situations.  The situations may include left and rightturns, intersections, railroad crossings, curves, up and down grades, single ormulti-lane roads, streets, or highways, pick up and drop off stops with rightand left situations.  The examiner willtell you where to drive.

Once the required CDL skills test is taken and passed, you will need to take your CDL permit, along with the receipt showing you passed the skills test, to the BMV to have your official CDL license issued.  Reminder, you will have to have your DOT physical paperwork in hand to finalize CDL.

   Complete a 3-day school bus safety class.  This is a state required, free class and is scheduled through the Transportation office.  Locations vary.

**  This allows you to receive your “bluecard”  **

   Complete 8 hrs of bus driving and 4 hours of bus observation.  Once this is complete, you will turn in your hours to the Transportation Office to submit to the State of Indiana.

**  This allows you to receive your “yellowcard”  **

    Pass a DOT drug screen 

**  A kit is given at Transportation Office totake to First Healthcare  **

Once all steps have been completed the Central Office needs to have copies of all documents on file for ISP audits. 

Additional questions, please contact  812-825-5722