Mr. Zapata- Art
Eastern Greene Art 

About Me:

Hello!  My name is Daniel Zapata.  Most of my students call me Mr. Z or Mr. Zap.  I am a two time Indiana University Graduate.  I have a degree in Studio Art with a concentration in oil painting and a minor in Art History.  I also have a degree in K-12 art education.  I was an Elementary teacher for 10 years and have taught High School for three years.  I love working here at Eastern Greene and have found that the students here are so creative and fun.  My personal passions are painting, printmaking and live music.  I spend a lot of time with friends are shows. 

My philosophy of art education:

Art is all around us from the pattern on the bottom of your shoe to the design of the vehicle that drove you to school and everywhere in between.  I believe all students have the potential for creativity and artistic pursuits.  Whether it comes naturally or through a process of discovery, with repetition and practice all students can find success.  That is where my job comes into play.  I want to facilitate an environment that allows students to explore different media while getting experience creating and having pride in their work.

My Classes:
All Classes are taught with the intention of improving the creative process and building on artistic skill.  Grades are taken by meeting criteria, objectives, and benchmarks for the creative process, not by how "good" your art looks.  All Students have the opportunity to find success in my classes.  Oh yeah!  We have fun too! 

8th Grade Art - Elements of Art and design (Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture)

Intro/ Advanced 2d - Drawing, painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Collage, Digital Art, graphic design/Layout, art history

Intro/ Advanced 3d - Sculpture, Construction, Found object, Ceramics, 3d Drawing, conceptual Sculpture, Art History

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