Girls' Biddy Ball


Welcome to the Eastern Greene Girls' Biddy Basketball Webpage!

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Here are some things to work on to improve your basketball skills:

Work on these things a couple of nights a week and you’ll be amazed at how much better you get!

Dribbling- Just dribbling a ball around is a great way to improve. While dribbling, remember to keep the ball below your waist and your eyes forward (not looking down at the ball!) It’s a great idea to dribble with each hand, but dribble a lot with the hand that is “harder” for you!

Passing- Passing to a friend/family member is a great way to have fun and practice good passing. Remember to start your passes (both chest passes and bounce passes) at your chest and step toward the person you are passing to! Sh

Shooting-Good shooting form is very important and should be used when practicing. We aren’t concerned about you hitting baskets right now, we’re concerned that you are learning to shoot properly! After you learn to shoot the correct way, you’ll increase your chances of hitting baskets later!
*Your non-shooting hand should be on the side of the ball at all times.
*Your non-shooting hand should not add force or spin to the shot, it’s only there to balance the ball.
*Your shooting hand ends with the “hand in the cookie jar” motion and you “freeze” it after you shoot!