6th Grade

6th grade 18-19
L to R: Mrs. Bayse, Mrs. Ault, Mrs. Campbell, Ms. Dickinson, Mrs. Burch, Mrs. Turpin
We're so glad you're part of the 6th grade team this year! Please follow the links on the left to learn more about us and our classes. We will use ALMA to post grades, so be sure you can login to the ALMA site. It's new to us too, so if there's an issue, please be patient with us!

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*Parents and/or Students:  Use the link below to VIEW the Google Homework Calendars: 
2020-2021 Homework Calendars

The Homework Calendars are also Shared through the SCIENCE GOOGLE CLASSROOM and on Facebook. 



  Please collect these and bring to math class.  Each Box Top earns 10 cents toward the 8th grade Washington, DC trip!