Resources for Parents
Helping You and Your Family Today
The Family Life Center in Bloomfield is available to help you and your family with daily essential needs. They aim to "assist all the members of a family with the support required to enhance the emotional, social, mental, Spiritual, and Physical balance in their lives. In doing this we support our community by teaching, training, and supporting them." See their website for more details.
They can be contacted at: (812) 384-1639

2-1-1 is an informational call service. Individuals can call with questions when they need answers or support. Just dial 2-1-1 for this awesome service. See their most recent newsletter below to find out more about their program and available services.
Spring 2013 2-1-1 Newsletter

Foster Families
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has partnered with the Department of Child Services to provide an extraordinary family learning opportunity for Indiana foster families. Foster families can sign up for a free one-year membership for adults sharing the same household, their foster children, stepchildren, and biological children under 21.

To join, visit the museum Box Office and show a valid foster parent license issued by the Indiana Department of Child Services or a Licensed Child Placement Agency. For more information, call our Customer Service Center at 317-334-4000 or 800-820-6214

Homework Help
Are you trying to help your student with their homework without success? Rose-Hulman is available to answer any math or science question for 6-12 grade students. Give them a call, it's FREE!

Transition Support
Moving from elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school is a big deal! Some students find it difficult to cope with the big changes that accompany this transition. Here are some resources that can help ease this big step.
For new middle school students:
For soon to be high school students: and

Look Towards the Future
It's never too early to start preparing for the future. Check out Learn More Indiana to see how you can help your child plan and save for college!

If your student expects to live like a king, but doesn't want to work for it... give them a reality check! This website asks students to fill in their expectations of monthly expences and tells them when what they'll have to make in order to live that way.

Test Taking Skills
Do you wonder what you can do as a parent to help your child's test taking skills and strategies? This website gives a comprehensive list of small things you can do that may help your student perform better on tests and feel better after a test. Don't get overwhelmed by the length of this list, you're probably doing most of their suggestions already!

Puberty (Middle School) Websites

1. You'd be amazed at how much 5th graders have heard about sex, and how little 
they really know. ... For parents, puberty is the time when they typically: don't 
know what's gotten into ... You may find the following resources especially 

2. Talking to kids about puberty is an important job for parents, especially because 
kids often hear about sex and relationships from unreliable sources.

3. Your child's body is developing at a rapid rate, and it might often seem difficult to 
speak with him or her about adolescent development. The information below will 
offer you useful tips and information to help guide your child through puberty:

4. The Robert Crown Center for Health Education (RCC) is a 501c3 nonprofit 
organization. Our mission is to motivate and educate children and youth to lead 
healthy, happy and safe lives. Talking about puberty ages 9-11:

5. The Office of Adolescent Health:

6. PBS Kids “It’s My Life. Body. Puberty:

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