Resources for Students
Do you have a question about a math or science homework problem? Call the students at Rose-Hulman for help! 6-12th grade students can call to speak to a college student who will be able to help you through your problem! Best part about it... it's free!

Is someone getting on your nerves with their constant texing or tweeting? This website gives some advice on what to do!

Peer Pressure
Learn the facts about alcohol and peer pressure. The site will ask you to create a name and password, but you can simply close that screen and view the site without one!

STOP Bullying!
Do you feel the need to put a stop to bulling in our school? Stand up and be a leader! Here is a website just for teens who want to end bullying.

Suicide Prevention
Save A Friend is a resource that will give you warning signs and help you determine how to best help your friend if you think they are going to hurt themself. Bottom line: tell an adult who can help.

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