Career and Post-Secondary Information

The Learn More Indiana site has great information about state academic standards, choosing high school classes, colleges, careers, and a section for parents and teachers. The site is specific to Indiana students, so you will definitely want to see the information here. 

The College Board is an organization that prepares and administers standardized tests that are used in college admission and placement and whose mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity. Notice the tabs for students, parents, and professionals in the upper left, as each will take you to more information.

Big Future is a site by College Board where you can explore careers, find colleges, learn how to pay for college, and make a plan.

The Accredited Online Colleges site is a helpful listing of colleges. Students can answer questions about their interests and see how their personal desires match with various accredited colleges.  This is a good tool for making decisions about your future.

Trip to College offers information about school comparisons, scholarships, applications, testing, and text alerts to help you remember deadlines and timelines.