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Facilities Information


The School Board believes that the school facilities of this Corporation should be made available for community purposes, provided that such use does not infringe on the original and necessary purpose of the property or interfere with the educational program of the schools and is harmonious with the purposes of this Corporation.

The Board will permit the use of school facilities when such permission has been requested in writing at least five (5) working days prior to the date requested by a responsible organization or a group of citizens and has been approved by the Superintendent or his designee. All requests must be submitted to the appropriate school principal or athletic director.

Corporation facilities shall be available for the below-listed uses. When there are competing interests for such uses, approval will be given according to the following priorities:

  1. Uses directly related to the schools and the operations of the schools

  2. Uses and groups indirectly related to the schools

  3. Meetings of employee associations

  4. Uses for voter registration and elections

  5. Departments or agencies of the municipal government

  6. Other government agencies

  7. Community organizations or groups of individuals formed for charitable, civic, social, educational, political, religious, and/or recreational purposes. Organizations may be asked to submit a 501C3 document as proof of non-profit status.

  8. Local business may rent facilities for non-commercial purposes only. Businesses may be asked to submit a Statement of Purpose verifying that the activity is non- commercial in nature.

Prohibited uses are:

  1. Any purpose in conflict with school activities

  2. Promulgating any theory or doctrine to the laws of the United States or any political subdivision thereof advocating government change by violence.

  3. Any activity that may violate the canons of good morals, manners or taste, or be injurious to the buildings, grounds, or equipment

  4. Commercial advertising and/or for profit activities. “Commercial” is defined as any activity, event, or performance conducted for the purpose of making a profit or selling or promoting a product or service.

  5. Partisan political meetings.

  6. Meeting of groups which have a discriminatory purpose.

  7. Any private activities such as wedding receptions, anniversaries, family reunions, birthday parties, or similar private social activities.

  8. Any purpose which is prohibited by law.

Facilities and athletic fields will not be available for uses that may have an adverse effect upon them, such as damage or unacceptable difficulty in cleaning and maintaining the facilities or athletic fields.

Should any part of the Corporation’s community be struck by a disaster, the Board shall make Corporation facilities available, at no charge, for the housing, feeding, and care of victims or potential victims when requested by local, state, or federal authorities. The Superintendent should meet with the Greene County Emergency Management Committee to establish a disaster preparedness plan in order to ensure that proper procedures are established to minimize confusion, inefficiency, and disruption of the educational program.

All activities must be under the sponsorship and supervision of a competent adult(s) who are directly responsible to the organization requesting use of the facility. Each group is responsible for the behavior of its members and guests. When participants are under 18 years old, appropriate supervision is required in order to contain all members to the rented area and to maintain an appropriate sense of order for a public school facility.

District administrators, the building principal, or the custodian on duty have the right to terminate any activity at any time if, in his/her judgment, there are violations of Board Policy, or federal, state, municipal laws, or if the activity is deemed to be hazardous to people, buildings, or equipment. Right is reserved by the School District to revoke any lease, without liability, should such action be deemed necessary or desirable.

Any facility utilization request or any dispute/special circumstances concerning the use of any of the Eastern Greene School District facilities may be reviewed on an individual basis by the building Principals, Athletic Director, Superintendent, and/or the Board of School Trustees.


The facility is reserved only after the following has occurred:

1. The applicant completes and signs an official lease application.
2. The Superintendent or his/her designee approves and signs the application.

3. All rental fees and security deposits are paid to the central office.

School facilities must be vacated by 10:00pm (local time) unless prior approval is gained for an extenuating circumstance.

The user shall not assign or sublet the facility or any part of the facility to any other user. The user shall be responsible for using the facility for the purpose described in the Lease Agreement.

The School District reserves the right, in the event of an emergency requiring the use of the facility for a school event or adverse weather conditions, to cancel the Lease Agreement without penalty to the School District. All use of school facilities may be canceled when schools must be closed due to inclement weather or other conditions.

The user must agree to the following terms when signing the lease. If the user signs a lease agreement with the School District and fails to meet the conditions of these terms, the user may not be allowed to lease School District facilities in the future.

Terms of Lease Agreement:

  1. User is restricted to the dates, hours, and areas specified on lease agreement.

  2. At the time of signing the lease, the user may be required to provide a refundable damage deposit. The necessity and amount of the damage deposit will be determined by the choice of facility to be used and the type of event to be held at the facility.

  3. A building custodian or school staff member approved by the building principal must be on duty at all times during the use of school facilities. If the use is during non-custodian work time (weekends), extra charges may apply.

  4. Adequate supervision of leased area must be provided by user.

  5. The user assumes all liability for injury or damage to individuals or property and to indemnify and hold harmless the School Board and employees of the School District from any loss or damage.

  6. The user seeking to use school facilities may be required to show evidence of liability insurance depending upon the nature of the activity and the particular facility to be used.

  7. The user will uphold School District policies of the banned use of smoking, other tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages.

  8. The user agrees that all activity at the facility will not be immoral or illegal.

  9. All fire and safety regulations must be observed.

  10. The user must restore to original condition any property or equipment damaged or destroyed by them. The Superintendent or his/her designee shall be the sole judge of unwarranted destruction of property.

  11. No furniture or equipment may be moved without approval of the building principal. No signs, displays, or materials may be attached, nailed, or otherwise affixed to the floors, walls, window glass, woodwork, draperies, stage curtains, grounds, drives, etc., without permission of the building principal.

  12. The use of special equipment such as stage lighting, scenery, video equipment, curtains, picture projectors, public address systems, etc., shall be permitted only when operated by employees or other persons authorized by the principal. Extra charges may apply.

  13. When using outdoor fields, any painting/striping of the field will be completed by Eastern Greene School’s personnel. Extra charges may apply.

  14. The right of concessions and sale of food and drink remains with the school and control of concessions rests with the principal of the building.

  15. Groups using these facilities shall be responsible for leaving all rooms and equipment in condition suitable for regular schoolwork.

  16. All charges and fees to use school facilities shall be channeled through the central office and shall be payable in advance. Fee schedules are updated on a yearly basis and are available upon request from the central office.

Categorization of Users for Purposes of Applying Fees

Eastern Greene Schools applies the following categorization of organizations to determine charges applied to lease agreements:

Category 1 – Eastern Greene Schools and Greene County Tax Supported Groups – no fee shall be charged with the possible exception of custodial charges if the Superintendent or his designee deems additional custodial help is necessary for the given event/lease agreement.

Examples of such organizations are listed below:

  1. School Parent Groups (PTO, Band Boosters, Athletic Boosters, etc.)

  2. Tax supported groups 

Category 2 – Community Service Organizations and Community Groups – no fee shall be charged with the possible exception of custodial charges if the Superintendent or his designee deems additional custodial help is necessary for the given event/lease agreement. Fees for outdoor athletic fields and gymnasiums still apply.

Organizations classified in this category shall be those whose proposed activities appear to be at least one of the following:

  1. Not self-serving (by definition, for-profit means self-serving)

  2. Charitable in nature

  3. Service oriented for the benefit of the community

Following is a sample of such organizations:
Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts
Community Athletics
4-H Clubs YMCA
Service Clubs and organizations Various church groups and organizations AAU or adult leagues Unions
Political Organizations Local individual groups

Category 3 – Other

Organizations classified in this category shall be those which for obvious reasons do not fall in Categories (1) and (2) above. The activities for which use of facilities is requested would appear to be at least one (1) of the following:

1. Self-serving

2. Profitable only to and for said organization

3. Non-charitable or service motivated

4. Private profit or personal gain